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Benefits of FitnessKriya’s private Yoga sessions

A private yoga class can feel like a luxury as it generally always costs more than attending a group class at a studio or a gym. You may be wondering if you can get the same benefits from a group yoga class. There are huge benefits of a private yoga practice that is why our goal is to make private yoga sessions accessible and affordable to everyone and at a cost similar to that of group yoga classes. Let’s explore the benefits in more depth.


While everybody can benefit from yoga, it is not a one size fits all practice.Yoga is a personal practice, and people practice it for many different reasons. You may be looking for a way to relieve back pain, lose weight, Increase strength, manage migraines, improve flexibility, reduce stress, or increase range of motion- there are a wide variety of reasons people may want to pursue yoga and each person’s journey and needs are unique. In a private yoga class, your trainer will design a personalized curriculum that will graduate you to more advanced levels as you build up the foundational skills and strengths.

Pose Adjustments and Breathwork

Is your alignment correct? Would you benefit from a block? Can you benefit from a modification? If so, should you use a strap? Personalized posture adjustments are one of the most beneficial aspects of a private yoga class. These adjustments by a qualified and experienced teacher can really transform a pose and help you to move into a pose far more deeply than you can on your own, and therefore, experience the real benefits of a pose. In a private session, your coach is constantly evaluating.

Are you inhaling when you should be exhaling? Are you breathing normally when you should be deep breathing? Breathwork synchronized with the correct pose is fundamental to a holistic yoga practice.In a private 1 -to-1 session, your trainer will ensure proper breathwork for you to get the most out of your yoga practice.

Open Communication

No matter where you are in your practice, yoga raises lots of questions. One of the best things about a private class is you can ask as many questions as you like - especially ones that you may have felt embarrassed to ask in a class setting or ones that may be very personal to your own well being & health that you may not want to discuss publicly

Working With an Ailment or an Injury

In recent years, people have started to practice yoga to manage certain ailments where nothing beats working with a teacher one on one. Maybe you are looking for yoga to assist you with migraines, or trying to prevent neck pains from being on a computer all day. Maybe you are recovering from an injury or illness and yoga is part of your recovery program. A private yoga teacher can help set the right practice curriculum and use proper props for your situation.

Convenience - Your time, your space!

One of the greatest challenges of getting to yoga can often be working around studio schedules. The benefit of a private class is that you can choose the days and times that work best for you in the comfort of your home or any suitable space that you choose. Setting up a weekly schedule that works for you is a wonderful way for your practice to stay consistent and for you to gain results. Having to work around timetables, drive to studios and hustle for your favorite place in the room isn’t always ideal. Selecting a time that suits you and having your teacher waiting on your computer or ipad screen takes a lot of the challenges out of the equation and allows you to focus on your practice.

Accountability & Motivation

Are you self motivated and working out several times a week already? If yes, you are an exception and a small minority. Studies show that 80% of people quit training for the lack of motivation & accountability. Our personal trainers can easily fix that. They are waiting for you on the other side of the screen with a personalized plan for you that keeps your training interesting and relevant. Whether you didn’t sleep right and woke up with a neck pain, or had a restless night of sleep, or have a stressful day ahead, your trainers are ready to pivot from the plan and adjust the training according to your needs!

A Lifetime Journey

Yoga is a lifelong journey- there is no finish line. There is always room to grow and evolve in new ways. Yoga can help in body, mind and spirit, and therefore, learning how yoga works is such a beneficial undertaking. Private yoga classes are for everyone, all ages, all levels, all needs. Yoga is a gift, and private classes can really help you to make the most of every chance you have to step onto your mat.

At FitnessKriya, you have the unique opportunity to enjoy private yoga classes from expert yogis from India- which is the birthplace of yoga.These yogis will be with you every step of your journey and help to get the most out of your private yoga practice.